This Book combines never-before-seen candidphotos of intimate and memorable moments, 

stories, private and personal words

of Anna Nicole Smith combined

with new details about some of her

deepest darkest secrets. Brought to you by her best friends

Pol’ Atteu and Patrik Simpson. They insisted Anna, who

always said “I’m gonna do it my way” was a NOT-SO-DUMB

BLONDE but in fact was a smart, shrewd woman

who, although lacked a formal education, played the role

of the dumb blonde well – it didn’t play her.

You will see Anna Nicole as funny, beautiful, sexy, and

naughty, a wonderful mother, a true confidant, but most

of all...a friend. Pol’ and Patrik were present at every aspect

of her life and knew all her well-kept secrets too; was Larry

Birkhead “FAMILY”? Was Howard K. Stern her true

love? What kind of a monster was Anna’s mother, Virgie Arthur?

Everyone knew Anna Nicole Smith. People wanted to touch her. They wanted to be with her. They

wanted to be her. Anna was larger than life. It didn’t matter if Jennifer Lopez walked through the

door before her or Brad Pitt behind her. When Anna entered a room and turned her “celebrity”

on, the crowds cheered.

This book is to memorialize and celebrate Anna’s life. We will always love and miss her. Not a day

goes by that we don’t think about her. She touched our lives and everyone else she ever knew.

The world suffered a great loss when she died on February 8, 2007 and the enormous outpouring of

grief made it clear that Anna Nicole Smith was more than just a celebrity…she was an icon.


Best Friends !

Portrait of An Icon                      Signature Edition

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